For more than 10 years, Ulloa & Zamora has been a leading, full-services law firm based in Cuenca, Ecuador. We provide unparalleled knowledge and success in immigration, relocation and litigation issues. There are several reasons for our success:

*    We are committed to building and maintaining client relationships – every case involves unique challenges and opportunities – and we spend whatever time is necessary to answer your questions or concerns and learn about your needs.

*    We know the laws that serve our clients. Our attorneys are familiar with Ecuadorian law, United States law, and international agreements.  Our acceptance rate for visa applications with the Office of Immigration in Ecuador is 100% — immigration officials call us when they need help interpreting the law.

*    We are committed to providing clients with fair costs for legal expenses. General office appointments cost only $30, and our fees for immigration, visa and relocation services are often half of what our competitors charge.

Ulloa & Zamora started with one attorney in Cuenca who handled employment law; now we have three attorneys who work full-time on immigration issues, business law, and civil and criminal cases. Our staff is recognized for services in translation and relocation and for personal assistance with other needs, such as setting up bank or internet accounts. We speak English and Spanish in our office.

Our main office is still in Cuenca, and we have two offices in the United States – one in Colorado and one in New York. We work with clients from all over Ecuador, North America, Asia, and the Middle East. As we have grown, we have focused on attracting exceptional attorneys, staff members, and business partners who enhance and expand our firm.

What We Value

Strong Client Relationships
We believe in learning about our clients and what matters to them.  This leads to better results and less stress in the legal process.

Knowledge of the Law
We are committed to knowing as much as possible about Ecuadorian law, United States law and international agreements. This allows us to approach cases proactively, creatively and confidently.

Fair Pricing & Representation
We provide quality, personalized legal services at a fair price and are proud to work with people from all walks of life. Your interests will be represented accurately and openly.